Cost & Criteria

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    Get started with an estimated initial investment of $65,500-$98,200. For a detailed cost breakdown, download our Franchise Kit.

    Franchise Fee

    The franchise fee of $44,500 is due at the time that your contract is signed.

    Liquid Capital

    Liquid capital is an asset that is readily convertible. Liquid capital is an important determinant in whether or not the business will be financially stable until it begins to turn a profit. In order to open a Apex franchise, you must have a minimum of $44,500 in liquid capital.

    Total Investment

    As a new Apex franchisee, you can expect an approximate total investment of $65,500 to $98,200. This includes the $44,500 franchise fee. Investment costs include everything you will need to have your franchise fully operational – including equipment, insurance and other expenses.

    Apex Royalty

    As an Apex franchisee, you will pay 8% of your gross sales revenue in royalties.

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    Apex Fun Run is looking for candidates who possess:

    • Excellent communication skills and a passion for fitness
    • A passion for helping children grow into tomorrow’s leaders
    • Outstanding customer service skills
    • Strong work ethic and a desire to succeed
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    The Apex Franchise Kit contains extensive details on owning an Apex Franchise, including a detailed cost breakdown, frequently asked questions, and the next steps to take.

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